Some popular questions

  • I received my account opening notification, is the Citibank account my account number?

    No, the Citibank account is a collection or a pool account that warehouses the fund from all of our mutual fund clients, you however have your personal customer number.

  • What is a customer number and why should I use it?

    Your customer number is your unique identifier that differentiates you from other clients, hence you need to quote it whilst funding and redeeming.

  • Can I move my funds from one mutual fund to another?

    Yes, Mutual funds avails you the flexibility of moving from one fund to another.

  • Will my returns be taxed?

    No, Mutual funds returns are net, hence you are not taxed.

  • Can I get my interest up-front?

    No, interest on mutual funds is paid at the end of every investment calendar.

  • Why is my statement of account not sent occasionally?

    Statement of account is sent based on customer request.

  • Will I incur any charges if I request for statement of account?

    No, statement is free.

  • Is my money secured in mutual funds?

    In addition to the fact that the fund is regulated by SEC (security and exchange commission) and managed by highly qualified professionals, there are other parties to the funds which are regulations made by SEC to guaranty its security, i.e Custodian, trustees etc.