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Our unique, investor-owned structure keeps us focused on your needs, first and regardless of what you plan to accomplish, our focus starts and ends with you. Explore ways the Team at Guaranty Trust Fund Managers can help with setting and prioritizing your financial goals.


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Guaranty Trust Fixed Income Fund

Suited for Investors who are seeking for safety of funds, regular income and capital growth over the long period. Click to invest

Guaranty Trust Money Market Fund

A diversified portfolio with investments in quality money market instruments. Click to invest

Guaranty Trust Equity Income Fund

Aimed at balancing capital appreciation and dividend income with moderate risk appetite. Click to invest

Guaranty Trust Balanced Fund

Created to maximize long term capital growth and maintain regular income distribution. Click to invest

Dollar Fund

Designed for FX diversification as a means of optimizing investments Click to invest
With as little as N̶1000, you can open an Investment Portfolio and enjoy long term capital appreciation.

Build wealth on your terms

Our range of financial products is designed to help you achieve the right balance between short-term needs and long-term investments.

Whatever your goal, we can find a solution. You can start investing with as little, or as much as you like and, you also get the freedom to choose how to invest.


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Wealth management
Goals are personal; wealth management should be too. We help people, businesses and institutions build, preserve and manage wealth so they can pursue their financial goals.
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Creation of Wealth Plan
Know your assets, plan for the future, manage and grow your wealth.
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Calculate the value of your investments using our smart calculator, showing you how your money could grown under different circumstances.
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